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Monthly - 25% Annual
/ Month / user *
/ Month / user *
For users wishing to boost their business with HubSpot CRM.
100 B2B email finder / month
Unlimited companies searches
Unlimited contacts searches
* Billed monthly
* Billed yearly


/ Month + unlimited users*
For teams looking to grow their sales and increase their productivity with HubSpot CRM.
Unlimited users
10000 B2B email finder to share
Unlimited company searches
Unlimited contact searches
* Billed yearly

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Our clients save an average of 8 hours per month by connecting Charik to HubSpot, thanks to our advanced features, which are often unique at this level of integration with your favorite CRM.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which version of Hubspot license is required?

Charik offers the most immersive integration in the market for Hubspot CRM. Our application is compatible with all versions of HubSpot, including Free, Starter, Pro, and Enterprise.

What is the minimum commitment to subscribe to Charik?

You have the flexibility to choose the Single user version with or without a commitment.

Meanwhile, the Team version is exclusively available with an annual commitment.

I use a solution to reveal phone Numbers, are you compatible ?
Like Kaspr, Apollo or others

Absolutely, we are fully compatible!

At Charik, we understand the significance of GDPR compliance, which is why safeguarding your data while providing the essential features you need is our top priority. By partnering with suppliers such as Kaspr or Apollo, we act as a central hub, seamlessly integrating their services into Hubspot through Charik.